V11 SP8

Reverting Snapshots with Hardware Specific Revert

About this Task

The revert operation is not applicable to Microsoft Hyper-V.

Reverting Snapshots with hardware specific revert is not applicable to VMware.

For the EMC XtremIO storage array, a snapshot of the original volume is created when the you run the revert operation. Manually delete this snapshot from the array after the operation is complete.

The hardware revert operation is not supported for VPLEX-HP 3PAR engines.

Before you Begin


  • It is recommended to verify the contents of the backup and ensure that you want to perform a revert operation as it is an irreversible operation.
  • If you plan to perform a revert operation, you will not be able to use the associated storage policy for further auxiliary copy operations.

On Windows clients, disable automount using the following command:

diskpart> automount disable

On UNIX clusters, use pre/post scripts to freeze and unfreeze the cluster for revert operations. For example, on Red Hat Linux cluster, use the following command in the pre/post scripts:

clusvcadm -Z <group> to freeze the cluster

clusvcadm -U <group> to unfreeze the cluster

Freezing is required during the revert operation because the application is shut down and the corresponding volumes are unmounted. Under these conditions, the cluster automatically switches to failover to another node and prevents the revert operation.

The hardware specific revert operation reverts the volume back to the pre-snap state.

For NetApp 7-Mode, if the volume being reverted is the source of a vault or of a mirror copy and if the protection topology is Primary-Vault, Primary-Mirror, or Primary-Vault-Mirror, the baseline snapshot on the primary volume will be shifted to the snapshot of the reverted volume. If the protection topology is Primary-Mirror-Vault or Primary-Mirror1-Mirror2, the baseline snapshot for Mirror-Vault and the baseline snapshot for Mirror1-Mirror2 are not shifted, which might lead to auxcopy job failures.

For NetApp C-Mode, the revert operation does not shift the baseline snapshot. If the revert operation results in the deletion of the baseline snapshot, the revert operation will fail.

The revert operation might delete some snapshots. To avoid failures, when selecting IntelliSnap jobs for auxcopy or backup copy operations, unpick all IntelliSnap jobs that have deleted snapshots as a result of a revert operation. Running auxcopy or backup copy operations with IntelliSnap jobs from deleted snapshots might produce failures.


  1. From the CommCell Console, navigate to Client Computers | <Client>.
  2. Right-click the subclient and click List Snaps.
  3. Right-click the snapshot that you wish to delete and click Use hardware revert capability if available.
  4. Enter the confirmation text string.
  5. Click OK.