V11 SP8

IntelliSnap - Dell Compellent – Troubleshooting

Snapshot creation fails with device error


If snapshot creation returns the following error, your Compellent array may not be properly defined in Array Management:

<device_name> is not a Compellent Device


Review the following workarounds to resolve this issue:

  • Check the User Name specified for the array in Array Management. Remember that this field is case-sensitive.
  • Ensure the IP of your Compellent array matches the Management IP Address. From the Management Console, right-click the Storage Center node and then click Properties to verify the Management IP.

CVSE previously created persistent snapshots for all snapshot types


Persistent snapshots were backed up by a view volume which consumes resources on the Storage Center. However, persistent snapshots are only required for Hyper-V snapshots.


For Commvault Version 10 CVSE , all snapshots are marked as non-persistent snapshots, except Hyper-V snapshots.

VSS timeout occurs when the Commvault array list contains an unreachable array


The CVSE maintains a cache of Storage Center connections. During a backup, each Storage Center was sequentially accessed causing a VSS timeout to occur if the list contained an unreachable Storage Center entry prior to the targeted Storage Center without sequentially connecting to each Storage Center in the list.


The CVSE logic has been optimized to directly access the Storage Center.

Parsing error occurs with SuSe 11.1 multipath


Parsing error occurs with SuSe 11.1 multipath.


CVSE 2.0 now uses the device mapper library for determining dependent devices for a virtual dev/mapper device.

Snapshot backup stops on Linux


Snapshot backup stops on Linux because Commvault 10 would not load the CVSE due to run time incompatibilities.


Commvault 10 now includes a version of the CVSE built for the Commvault 10 run time environment.

Multiple volume snapshots take too long


Multiple volume snapshots take too long.


Complete all view volume mappings before rescanning the volumes to make it faster to take multiple volume snapshots.