V11 SP8

Creating Cloud Network Storage Pool Using Command Line

Use the following sections to configure a Cloud Network Storage Pool from the command line..

To configure Cloud Network Storage Pools from the CommCell Console, see Configuring Cloud Network Storage Pool.

Before You Begin

Configuration of a cloud Network Storage Pool lets you create a cloud library, configure storage policies, shares the MediaAgents and create the mount paths through a single wizard. If you do not want a dependent storage policy associated with the Global Deduplication Policy to be created automatically, then configure the Do not create dependent storage policy when creating a disk/cloud storage pool or a global deduplication policy parameter.


  1. Download the SP_creation.xml file and save it on the computer from where the command will be executed.
  2. Before running the command, review the Available Parameters.
  3. Execute the following command from the software_installation_directory/Base folder after substituting the parameter values.

    qoperation execute -af downloaded location\SP_creation.xml -storagePolicyName xxxxx -libraryName xxxxx -mediaAgentName xxxxx -maInfoList/mediaAgent/mediaAgentName xxxxx -path xxxxx -enableGlobalDeduplication 1 -hostGlobalDedupStore 1 -enableDASHFull 1 -enableDeduplication 1 -clientGroup/clientGroupName

    For example: To create a cloud Network Storage Pool with name storage001, library storage001, MediaAgent ma001, and deduplication database located at e:\ddb001 on ma002 and associate the storage pool to Client Group cg001, run the following command:

    qoperation execute -af c:\xml\SP_creation.xml -storagePolicyName storage001 -libraryName "storage001" -mediaAgentName "ma001" -maInfoList/mediaAgent/mediaAgentName "ma002" -path e:\ddb001 -enableGlobalDeduplication 1 -hostGlobalDedupStore 1 -enableDASHFull 1 -enableDeduplication 1 -clientGroup/clientGroupName cg001

    You can use the SP_GDSP to enable global deduplication for any storage policy created in the CommCell.


After the configuration the following will be available in the CommCell Console:

  • A Global Deduplication Policy (Cloud Network Storage Pool) under the Storage Pools node and under the Storage Policies node.

    Note: After creating a Network Storage Pool, you can create a storage policy and assign it to the Network Storage Pool. For information see Creating a Storage Policy with Global Deduplication.

    The following will appear under the Global Deduplication Policy (Cloud Network Storage Pool) node:

    • Deduplication Engines
    • DDB and Partitions under the Deduplication Engines node
    • Cloud Library under the Storage node with Library as the name suffix

      For example: storage001Library

  • A storage policy associated with the Global Deduplication Policy under the Storage Policies node and with the Policy as name suffix.

    For example: storage001Policy

  • All the existing Global Deduplication Policies will appear as Storage Pools under the Storage Pools node.

What To Do Next