V11 SP8

Customizing the Search Results Display in the System Monitoring Application

After performing a search operation, you can customize the way search results are displayed. For example, you might want to hide the TimeLine chart if you are only interested in the Event table.

The following table lists the operations to customize your search results from the Search page.

Goal Action
Change the scale (linear or log) of the TimeLine chart

You can view the information of the TimeLine chart represented on a linear scale or a logarithmic scale.

Above the chart, click Linear Scale or Log Scale.
Hide or show the TimeLine chart Below the search bar, click Hide TimeLine or Show TimeLine.
Update the time range of the TimeLine chart
  • In the time range list on the left of the search bar, select a time range.

    The chart reloads and displays data for the time range that you selected.

  • To view a wider time range, click Zoom out.
  • To view a narrower time range, select one of the bars, and then click Zoom to selection.

    If you chose an hour, then zooming in will provide a minute-by-minute analysis of activity. The smallest unit of time you can zoom into is a second.

Change the type of chart For instructions, see Changing the Chart Type in the System Monitoring Application.
Hide or show the Recent Search, Saved Search, and Shared Search tables Below the search bar, click Hide History or Show History.
Select the columns that appear in the event table Click Choose Columns .