V11 SP8

Deleting a User

User deletions are effective immediately. Once deleted, the user immediately cannot perform functions within the CommCell Console. The user defined as the CommCell administrator during the software installation cannot be deleted and remains enabled at all times.

You can use the following steps to:

  • Delete a user account.
  • Transfer the ownership of the CommCell entities the user created to another CommCell user.

Before You Begin

You must have appropriate permissions to delete a user. For information on permissions, see Permissions and Permitted Actions by Feature.


  1. From the CommCell Browser, go to Security > CommCell Users.
  2. In the CommCell Users pane, right-click the user  to be deleted and click Delete.

    The Confirm Delete message appears.

  3. Click Yes to confirm the deletion.

    If the user to be deleted owns schedules or client groups and ownership of entities, then to transfer the client group ownership and set a new client group creator, do the following:

    1. When prompted, click Yes to the Confirm Delete message.

      The From User dialog box is displayed.

      Note: If you click No, the ownership of the CommCell entities and client groups will not be transferred.

    2. From the To User list, select a new owner for the schedules.
    3. Optional: Select the Transfer Client Groups check box to change the ownership of any client groups.
    4. Click OK.