V11 SP8

Additional Predefined Workflows

The following predefined workflows play a role in the execution of some CommCell solutions. When you click one of the workflows below, they open with the corresponding CommCell solution documentation.

Add MediaAgent to an Existing Global Deduplication Storage Policy

This workflow adds a UNIX MediaAgent library to an existing global deduplication storage policy setup. For more information, see Add MediaAgent to An Existing Global Deduplication Storage Policy Workflow.

CommCell Client Migration by Storage Policy

This workflow automates the migration of the clients based on the storage policies they are associated with. For more information, see CommCell Client Migration by Storage Policy.

Configure Third-Party Connections

This workflow routes third-party traffic (between two clients) through a specific set of network ports. For more information, see Configuring Third-Party Connections Between Client Computers.

Create Mount Path Label Files

This workflow creates the label file in a mount path if the file does not exist. You can create the label files in specific mount paths of a library or in all mount paths associated with a MediaAgent. For more information, see Create Mount Path Labels.


This workflow performs CommServe database maintenance by using the DBMaintenance utility. For more information, see DBMaintenance Workflow.

DDB Seeding

This workflow transfers the initial baseline backup between two sites using a removable disk drive. For more information, see Seeding a Deduplicated Storage Policy.

Delete V8 Firewall Files from Clients

This workflow deletes Version 8 firewall files from client computers. For more information, see Delete V8 Firewall Files from Clients.

Hardware Refresh

This workflow moves an existing CommServe database to new hardware. For more information, see Hardware Refresh Workflow.

Install Automatically Discovered Applications

This workflow installs the packages and registers the client for clients that have automatically detected applications. For more information, see Installing Automatically Discovered Applications Workflow workflow.

Prefetch Tapes for Restore

The Prefetch Tapes for Restore workflow prefetches the exported virtual tapes associated with the jobs that have to be restored. For more information, see Prefetch Tapes for Restore.

Proactive Support

The Proactive Support workflows allow you to fix common configuration issues. For more information, see any of following:


This workflow performs SAP MaxDB backups. For more information, see SAP MaxDB Workflow.

Set Global Filters on CommCells

This workflow applies the Windows and Unix global filters set on the master CommCell to all registered CommCells. For more information, see Set Global Filters on CommCells Workflow.

Social Sign In Account Registration

This workflow validates and creates a new CommCell user for use with OAuth. For more information, see Social Sign In Account Registration Workflow.

Upgrade to Indexing V2

This workflow upgrades clients to the latest version of indexing. For more information, see Upgrading Client Indexing with the Upgrade to Indexing V2 Workflow.

Uninstall Third-Party Software

This workflow uninstalls third-party software from all Windows clients in your CommCell environment. For more information, see Uninstall Third-Party Software Workflow.

Collaborative Shares

This workflow allows end users to create a collaborative share. For more information, see Configuring Collaborative Shares.

RDS Migration

This workflow migrates an Oracle database, schemas, or tablespaces to an Amazon RDS database. For more information, see Running the RDS Migration Workflow.

Automate backups in DB2 HADR setup Workflow

This workflow runs a DB2 HADR backup on the primary database, regardless of the DB2 failover option, for example primary to standby.