V11 SP8

Cloud Services

The Commvault Cloud Services website provides a suite of solutions for managing and monitoring your data. You can download software updates, view your Reporting dashboard and Health Report, request branding and personalization for your CommCell environment, use data sizing tools to predict your data protection needs, and access a variety of other useful applications. After you create an account, you can also use the Commvault Store to download software updates, reports, App Studio applications, alert rules, and workflows.

To access many of these features and solutions, you must use Register Product to create an account for your CommCell environment. For instructions, see Register Your Product.

Key Features

  • Commvault Store

    Download the software installer, service packs, hot fixes, reports, limited distribution tools, App Studio applications, alert rules, and workflows. For more information, see Commvault Store.

  • Cloud Metrics Reporting

    Monitor the health of your CommCell environment using Metrics Reporting on our Cloud Services website. For more information, see Activating Cloud Metrics Reports.

  • System Discovery Tool

    Determine what kind of data protection your environment needs before you deploy Commvault software. For more information, see any of the following pages:

  • Branding Consoles

    Customize the CommCell Console and Web Console to use the logos and images of your organization. For more information, see Branding Your Consoles.

  • Personalization Requests

    Contact the Consulting Services Group to request customized work for your organization. For more information, see Personalization Requests.

  • Cloud-Based File Analytics

    View a File Analytics Report based on your CommCell environment on our Cloud Services website. For more information, see Cloud-Based File Analytics.

  • Disk Performance Tool

    Test read and write operations on the disk of a file system volume. For more information, see Disk Performance Tool.

  • Media Explorer Tool

    Recover CommServe disaster recovery data. For more information, see Media Explorer.

  • Cloud Architecture Guide

    The Cloud Architecture Guide is a PDF document that includes solutions for architects and customers who are building data management solutions using third-party cloud environments and Commvault cloud solution sets. For more information, see Commvault Cloud Architecture Guide.

  • External Data Connector

    Collect and merge vital information from third-party backup vendors to a CommCell environment. Vital configurations, such as hosts, clients, schedules, compression and encryption directives are automatically collected and merged to the CommCell. For more information, see see External Data Connector.