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Solutions and Use Cases

Single-platform Commvault software takes a holistic approach to data management with a flexible and extensible architecture that helps enterprises reduce risk, improve operational efficiencies, cut costs and derive more value from their data and information. Modernize your data protection and management operations without the complexity of multiple point products and silos, and discover the advantages of Singular Information Management.

Customized data management solutions are available to fit the unique needs of your enterprise.

Edge Endpoint Solutions

Edge is a solution set that offers endpoint data protection, security, easy access, and search capabilities on end-user data. For more information, see Edge Endpoint Solutions Overview.

Epic EHR Data Protection Solution

The Epic electronic health record (EHR) is a single-database EHR system for the healthcare industry, serving mid-size and large medical groups, hospitals, and integrated healthcare organizations. Epic EHR systems utilize a central Intersystems Caché database to manage all patient records and transactions, with secondary reporting databases and presentation servers. A key feature of the Commvault Epic EHR Data Protection Solution is the ability to secure and protect patient records or clinical data without any interruption to database operations. For more information, see Epic EHR Data Protection Solution Overview.

Medical Imaging

Medical Imaging is a comprehensive solution that provides unified protection and recovery of images residing on a computer. In addition to image files, other type of files can also receive complete protection, such as video and audio files. Medical Imaging also provides an integrated migration process that archives the backed up images. The archiving process periodically moves the qualifying files to less expensive secondary storage, thereby reducing the size of data stored on the primary storage. For more information, see Overview - Medical Imaging.

Big Data Solutions - MongoDB

Commvault software provides a simplified backup and recovery solution for MongoDB data in your enterprise using the File System Agent. File system snapshots taken with IntelliSnap can also be used to secure MongoDB data. For more information, see Big Data Solutions - MongoDB.


FlexFrame infrastructure provides an integrated solution to run complex software solutions with higher reliability and efficiency. It also provides a cluster environment using the FlexFrame Autonomous (FA) Agents for service monitoring and automatic failover without using cluster software. Commvault software provides a simplified end-to-end backup and recovery solution to protect the software database in a FlexFrame infrastructure. In this environment, each database is configured as a virtual client, thus enabling services to be switched to another node through failover. For more information, see FlexFrame - Overview.

Multi-Tenant CommCell Environment

You can configure the CommServe computer as a service provider to share your CommCell environment with multiple organizations or companies. Tenants are users that register with the service provider to protect and manage their client data.

For more information, see Multi-Tenant CommCell Environment.

SAP Solutions

SAP Archive Link - a versatile data repository solution that can be integrated with the SAP Archive software. The powerful architecture provides flexible implementation options to suit diverse functional domains. The Archive Link provides a web service interface through which it can be accessed.

  • SAP DB2 Database - to provide an effective data management strategy, the SAP Internal Planner (DB13) interacts with the DB2 Agent to ensure secured data protection of SAP applications on DB2 databases. For more information, see Protect SAP DB2 Database.
  • SAP MSSQL Database - perform backup and restore operations of SAP applications on SQL Server using the SQL Server Agent. For more information, see Protect SAP MSSQL Database.
  • SAP Sybase Database - protect the Sybase database that is used by SAP, using the Sybase Agent. For more information, see Protect SAP Sybase Database.

SQL Solutions

Additional Solutions