V11 SP8

NFS Share Export Parameters

The table describes the parameters for exporting an NFS share.

Parameter Mandatory Default value Description
-af Yes   Path to the input xml file
-maClientInfo/clientName Yes   MediaAgent Name
-subClientInfo/clientName Yes   Client name where backup is taken
-subClientInfo/subclientName Yes   Subclient name
-subClientInfo/backupsetName Yes   Backup set name
-toTime/timeValue No Current time Browse point-in-time till which the current backup should be exported as NFS share.
-nCopyPrecede Yes    
-sNfsClntIP Yes   Host name or IP address of the NFS client to which the share should be accessible. Multiple IP addresses or host names separated by comma are allowed.
-sAccessPath No * If a specific path is given, only that path and its children will be accessible via that NFS share.
-sShare     Name of the mount path