V11 SP8

New Azure Storage Client (General) - Online Help

Use this dialog box to enter information about the Azure Blob Storage virtual client.

Client Name
Enter the name of the Azure Storage virtual client.  An Azure Blob Storage virtual client is an interface that protects your Azure Blob Storage data.
Instance Name
Enter the name of the instance. An instance represents your data in an Azure Blob Storage account. You can create multiple instances to manage different Azure Blob Storage accounts. A default subclient is created under the instance.
Backup Client
Enter the name of the proxy client computer where the Cloud Connector package is installed.
Storage Policy
Select a storage policy for the backup and restore operations.
Number of Data Backup Streams
Enter the number of data streams to use for backups. The maximum value is 99.

Note: The number of streams must not exceed the maximum number configured in the subclient storage policy. The CommServe allocates streams depending on the availability of resources.

Use this field to enter a description about the entity. This description can include information about the entity's content, cautionary notes, etc.