V11 SP8

Configuring Source to Destination Replication

Configure the source to destination replication operation.


  1. From the CommCell Console, expand Client Computers > source_client.
  2. Right-click ContinuousDataReplicator, and point to All Tasks and then click Add Replication Set.

    The Create New Replication Set dialog box appears.

  3. On the General tab, in the Name box, type a name for the replication set.
  4. In the Destination Host box, type the name of the destination computer that has CDR Agent installed.
  5. On the Orphan Files tab, ensure that the Log orphan file names and the Automatically delete orphan files options are cleared.

    Clearing these options might prevent orphan files from being cleaned-up on the destination computer but will be synced-up on the source through the sync process.

  6. Click OK to save your changes.
  7. Right-click the replication set that you created, and point to All Tasks, and then click Manage Pairs.

    The Manage Pairs dialog box appears.

  8. Under Add/Update Pairs, click Add.
  9. In the Add Replication Pair dialog box, click Browse.
  10. Select a source volume or directory for the Source Path and Destination Path.
  11. Click OK.
  12. Click Apply and then click Close.