V11 SP8

Content Analyzer and Entity Extraction

With Content Analyzer and entity extraction, you can identify the data in your environment that contains one or more specific types of information. You can then use that knowledge to create more targeted strategies and increase the efficiency of your data management operations.

The Content Analyzer adds semantic identifiers to the content indexing data in your Search Engine. You can use these additional semantic identifiers to create more targeted rules for archiving based on specific types of information present in the content of the data.

How Entity Extraction Works

After data has been content indexed, the content indexing information is stored in the Search Engine. The Content Analyzer package reads the information in the Search Engine and looks for the entities that you want to identify, such as telephone numbers, social security numbers, and other meaningful types. When the Content Analyzer encounters a specified type of entity, it tags the data with additional identifying metadata. Other Commvault features, such as data archiving, can access the entity information in the data to enable you to make more targeted rules for managing your data.

Benefits of Entity Extraction

With entity extraction, you can:

  • Locate specific types of important information contained within your data.
  • Create rules to archive data based on the types of entities within the data content.
  • Increase the efficiency and reliability of your automated data management operations.