V11 SP8

Installing the Content Analyzer Package

The Content Analyzer package is the software that performs the entity extraction operations. The Content Analyzer reads the content indexing data from the Search Engine and adds metadata when it encounters a specified entity.

About the Content Analyzer Package

During entity extraction, no data is stored on the Content Analyzer. All of the content indexing data and entity metadata are stored in the content index directory on the Search Engine client.

Before You Begin

  • Install the Content Analyzer package on a client in your CommCell environment that meets the minimum system requirements.

    Note: Content Analyzer cannot coexist on a client that has either the CommServe software, Search Engine, or Analytics Engine installed.

    For more information, see System Requirements - Content Analyzer.


Follow the procedure in this topic to create a download package or install Content Analyzer on a client in your CommCell environment:

  1. Use the Download Manager to create an installation package for Content Analyzer or install the package directly on the client computer.

    For more information, see Installations Using the Download Manager.

  2. While creating or installing the package:
    1. The Select Package Option dialog box, select Select Package.
    2. In the Select Packages dialog box, click Server and then select Content Analyzer.

What to Do Next

After you install the Content Analyzer in your CommCell environment, you are ready to configure entity extraction for your content indexed data.

For instructions, see Configuring Entity Extraction.