V11 SP8

DB2 Agent Backup Frequently Asked Questions

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When do I have to take a full offline backup for successful data protection operations using Commvault?

When a database is in a roll forward recovery mode for the first time (when the LOGARCHMETH1 parameter value is set to either LOGRETAIN, USEREXIT, DISK, TSM, or VENDOR), perform a traditional full offline backup for the database. In case of a HADR setup, perform the traditional full offline backup on the primary database.

Can I perform DB2 database backups as a user with no operating system password?

Yes, you can perform your DB2 database backups as UNIX operating system user with no password.

Can we protect data on non-global zones if the File System iDataAgent is installed only on the global zone?

Yes. We can protect file system data on non-global zones if the File System iDataAgent is installed only on the global zone. However, in order to enable consistent backups of application specific data on the non-global zones, you will need to install the corresponding application specific iDataAgent on the non-global zone.

How do we protect DB2 data on a non-global zone?

In order to enable consistent backups of DB2 data on a non-global zone, you need to install the DB2 iDataAgent on the non-global zone.

How are data only backup jobs retained?

If a data backup job does not have a linked log backup, it will be retained based on the retention days only and does not follow the retention cycles. However, if the data backup job is linked to a log backup job, the retention will be based on both the number of days as well as the retention cycles.

How is a log backup scheduled?

A new subclient (Logs only) needs to be created for each DB2 database and schedule backup for every nn hours. The frequency depends upon the transactional activity on the database.

Is it possible to backup the logs directly to the media?

Commvault copies the archive logs to ARCHIVE Path to efficiently utilize the Media resources. The Logs are then backed up to media.

It is possible to backup the logs directly to the media without copying to archive log path. You need to set sDb2ThresholdALFN registry key to 1.

How can we prevent log backup failures due to different database and alias names?

To prevent archive log backup failures, ensure that the name that you select is the actual name of the database and not the alias name for the database. If the database name and the corresponding alias name are different, both names are displayed under Available DB Names; if both names are the same, the name that is displayed is the database name. To find the database names and their aliases, run the following command as a DB2 instance owner on the DB2 client:

C:\Program Files\IBM\SQLLIB\BIN>db2 list db directory

System Database Directory

Number of entries in the directory = 2

Database alias = TESTDBS1

Database name = TDBS1

Local database directory = C:

How are Command Line backup images displayed in the CommCell Console?

When you run DB2 command line offline/online backup jobs, the backup image is always displayed as online in the CommCell Console.

Can I submit a backup job when the DB2 instance is down?

Yes, the job remains in the pending state until you manually start the instance.