V11 SP8

DB2 MultiNode Instances

Instances are the structures that identify and manage a group of DB2 MultiNode databases. By default, when you add a DB2 MultiNode instance, the Commvault software create a DB2 instance when you create a DB2 MultiNode pseudo-client.

Each pseudo-client can include only this single partition instance. After you create a pseudo-client, you cannot create additional instances for this pseudo-client. To create additional partition instances, you must create additional pseudo-clients. For more information, see Creating a DB2 MultiNode pseudo-client.

When you create an instance, the instance type (DB2 DPF or DB2 pureScale) is automatically configured based on the database type. 

When the instance is for a DB2 pureScale, only member clients are listed on the Details tab of the Instance Properties dialog box.

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