V11 SP8

Recover Data - NetApp File Archiver Agent

Perform a Data Recovery

It is recommended that you perform a recovery operation of an archived file after your first archive operation to understand the process.  Follow the steps given below to perform a restore of a file or multiple files:

  1. Navigate to the folder with the stubs by mapping a network drive to the share or through the UNC path. Perform an action that executes an open and read on an archived file to initiate the recovery operation.

  2. You can track the progress of the job from the Job Controller window of the CommCell console. Multiple stub recoveries are submitted to the Job Controller as one job called a Persistent Recovery job.

  3. Once the job is complete, view the job details from the Recover History dialog box.
    • Right-click the ArchiveSet and select View | Recovery History.
    • Click OK.

  4. Right-click the job and select View Job Details. After recovery, stubs are replaced by files in the location specified.

  5. If the subclient is configured to create stubs, by choosing the option Replace the File with a Stub, files that qualify the archiving rule will get stubbed.  You can restore stubs following the same steps listed above (step 1 - step 4).