V11 SP8

Proxy Client - Overview - Domino Mailbox Archiver

Archive operations typically use a significant amount of resources from IBM Domino. To avoid the resource contention between IBM Domino functions and archive operations, the archive operation can be offloaded by using a proxy. This only applies for IBM Dominos running on Windows.

This configuration allows to run archive operation on an alternate server than IBM Domino to save IBM Domino resource.

A proxy server requires:

  • A copy of Domino Mailbox Archiver
  • IBM Notes

After the client installation, the admin's user ID file from the original IBM Domino should be copied to the client so that the client can access all the databases residing in the server. Also, on IBM Notes, go to the File menu|Security|User Security. On the User Security window, select Don't prompt for a password from other Notes-based programs (reduced security). Note that IBM Notes must be running while the archive operation operations run.