V11 SP8

Configurations for the Exchange Mailbox Agent User Mailbox

For mailbox protection, mailboxes are associated with one default User Mailbox.

You can associate individual mailboxes, mailboxes within a database, and mailboxes within an Active Directory group (AD group). You can add mailboxes to the subclient using any of those groupings.


If you add mailboxes by databases or by AD groups, it might take a long time to discover the mailboxes right away if your organization is very large. You have the option to autodiscover the mailboxes in the groups later when the domain is scanned and the mailboxes are discovered at that time. Typically, this occurs once every 24 hours. If you choose to autodiscover mailboxes later, the mailboxes do not appear in the Mailboxes list until after they have been discovered.

Autodiscovery Considerations for Active Directory Groups

When you use autodiscovery for AD groups, consider the following:

  • Autodiscovery is not supported for dynamic AD groups.
  • When AD groups are nested within other AD groups, member mailboxes across all child AD groups are discovered if the parent AD group has autodiscovery enabled.

Exchange Policies

You can assign Exchange policies to the mailboxes at the time that you associate them with the subclient or later. We recommend that you assign the archive policy immediately so that your mailboxes are protected.