V11 SP8

Create New ContentStore Mailbox Set

Use this dialog box to create a new ContentStore Mailbox set.


Client computer
The name of the Exchange Mailbox client where the ContentStore Mailbox set is created.
The name of the agent for which the ContentStore Mailbox is created.
New backup set name
You can create a custom name for the ContentStore Mailbox set.
Backup set type
Indicates which type of set you are creating.
Storage policy
The list of available storage policies that you can associate with the ContentStore Mailbox set.
You can provide details about the ContentStore Mailbox set in this box.


Use the Security tab to do the following:

  • Identify the users, user groups, and roles that are associated with the set.
  • Associate this set with users, user groups, and roles.
  • Disassociate this set from users, user groups, and roles.

The users and user groups, the role, and the set create the three-way security association.

Note: All the security associations that affect the ContentStore Mailbox set are listed. The security associations shown in a gray, italicized font are applied to the set indirectly through other entities in the hierarchy. For example, a security association that is applied at the CommCell level appears in a gray, italicized font when the association is viewed from the client computer group level.

User/User Groups
The names of the users and user groups that have permissions for this set.
The names of the roles that are associated with the user or user group.
Defined in
The CommCell entity where the security association is defined.
Clicking the Add button opens the Add Users and Groups dialog box so that you can add more users or user groups and their roles to the ContentStore Mailbox set.