V11 SP8

Create New Retention Policy (General)

Applies to: User Mailbox, and Journal Mailbox

Use this dialog box to create a new Exchange retention policy. Use the General tab to name the policy and define the default value for how long messages are retained on the MediaAgent. Retention is based on the message's received time.

Important: The Exchange Mailbox Agent uses the retention rules that are defined in the Exchange retention policy. The agent does not use the retention rules that are defined in the storage policy.

Policy Name
The name of the Exchange retention policy.
Default retention rule for all messages
Retain for n days based on received time
Messages become eligible for pruning after the number of days specified has been exceeded.
When this option is selected, messages are retained indefinitely.

Infinite is the default retention rule. If you do not assign a retention policy, the Infinite retention rule is applied automatically and messages are retained indefinitely.