V11 SP8

New ContentStore Mailbox (General)

Use this dialog box to associate a ContentStore Mailbox with a ContentStore Mailbox set. On the General tab, you configure the mailbox.

Display Name
The name of the ContentStore Mailbox.
SMTP Address
The name of the email address of the mail contact. For example, journal1@domain.com.
ContentStore Mail Server
The list of the clients where the ContentStore Mail Server (SMTP) is installed.

When the Status check box is selected, the client is enabled. When the Status check box is cleared, the client is disabled.

When the client is disabled, archiving and cleanup jobs do not run on the ContentStore Mail Server (SMTP) that is associated with the disabled client. However, the ContentStore Mail Server (SMTP) still receives journaled messages even when the client is disabled. To prevent the messages from building up and overwhelming the server, disable only one client at a time whenever you perform maintenance tasks.

Click this button to associate ContentStore Mail Server (SMTP) clients with the mailbox.