V11 SP8

Windows File System Properties (General)

Use this dialog box to manage the File System iDataAgent properties.

Client Name

Displays the name of the client computer or application server.


Displays the identity of the agent that is installed on the client computer.

Installed Date

Displays the date on which the agent was installed or upgraded on the client computer or application server.

NAS Restore Enabled

Specifies whether the NAS Restore Enabler was installed with the iDataAgent.

  • YES indicates that the enabler is installed and the client is an available  destination for the restore of data from a Network Attached Storage (NAS) client.
  • NO indicates that the enabler is not installed and the client is not an available destination for the restore of data from a NAS client.

Track access time

On computers operating on Windows Vista 2007 and later, the access time of files are not updated by default. Select the Track access time check box to accurately update the access time of files when they are selected or accessed.

Honor Archiver Retention

Select this option to retain archived data based on the retention days configured on a storage policy copy. A new index cycle is created automatically each year when you enable this option. Once you enable this option, you cannot disable it later. Note that synthetic full backups are not supported with this option.

Stub Recovery Parameters

Select this option to enable the following options while recovering stubs.

  • Maximum Stub Recovery

    Enter the number of stubs to be recovered at a given time.

  • Time Between Recall to Count as Successive in Seconds

    Enter the time interval for the stub recovery request to be given by the user. The system will wait for this time to see if any other stub recovery requests are given after processing the number of stubs that were originally submitted.

  • Time to Wait after maximum successive recalls limit is reached in seconds

    Enter the time for the cool down period if the maximum limit has been reached for the above mentioned parameters. If the limit has not been reached, then the time entered in this box does not apply at all.


Use this field to enter a description about the entity. This description can include information about the entity's content, cautionary notes, etc.