V11 SP8

Adding an Icon to Stubs in Outlook Add-In

You can add an icon to archived stubs in the Outlook Add-In. You can download the Commvault stub icon from the Commvault Store. The Outlook Add-in Stub Icon is located under Tools.


  1. On the client where the agent is installed, add the StubIconLocation additional setting as shown in the following table.

    For instructions about adding the additional setting from the CommCell Console, see Add or Modify an Additional Setting.

    Property Value
    Name StubIconLocation
    Category iDataAgent\CVExMetadata
    Type String
    Value Type the path to the icon file.

    The path can be either of the following:

    • The icon file's HTTP download URL. For example: http://ServerHost/StubIcon/1.ico
    • The icon file's network share location. For example: \\SomeServer\SharedIcon\a.ico
  2. Run an archive job.

    After you run the archive job, the icon appear on the stub.