V11 SP8

ContentStore Mail Server Sessions

On the ContentStore Mail Server Sessions tab, you can monitor the users who are using the IMAP client.

Column Description
ID The session identifier.
Remote IP The IP address of the connected device.
State The value in this column describes the status of the connection between the server and the client.
  • UnAuthenticated: The user credentials have not yet been entered or authenticated.
  • Authenticated: The user credentials are authenticated.
  • Selected: The user has selected a mailbox successfully.
  • Logout: The connection has been terminated either at the request of the client or the server.
User The email address of the user.
Selected folder The folder that the user has selected currently.
Start time The time that the user logged on to the IMAP client.
Watch traffic When you click Watch, a page appears that displays a log of the selected user's actions. You can click Save as XML to save a copy of the log in XML format.
Disconnect When you click Disconnect, the connection between the server and client is terminated.