V11 SP8

OnePass for Network Shares - Deployment

Prior to creating a OnePass client on the CommCell Console, the following agents must be installed on the appropriate computers:

The following agent... Must be installed on... To... For instructions, refer to...
File System Agent proxy computer initiate archive and recall operation with the file server
  • File Share Archiver Client, or
  • Driver for File Archiver
client computer or a recall computer recall data that is archived on the file server

To create a OnePass client on your CommServe:

  1. Open the CommCell Console.
  2. In the CommCell Browser, right-click Client Computers, point to New Client | File System, and then click Network Share.
  3. In the Network Share dialog box, enter the name of the file server or an Internet Protocol (IP) address.
  4. A client with the name of the file server you entered is created.
  5. A Windows File System iDataAgent is automatically created with this client.