V11 SP8

Auto Discover User Accounts

You can auto discover user accounts only from a user-defined subclient.

The high-level steps to auto discover user accounts are as follows:

  1. Enable the auto discovery of user accounts at the instance level. For steps to enable auto discovery, see Enabling Auto Discovery of User Accounts.
  2. Based on the method that you selected while enabling the auto discovery of user accounts at the instance level, you can auto discover the user accounts from a user-defined subclient in the following two ways:

Note: Select the Manage Content Automatically check box to overwrite the existing user accounts in a subclient, if these user accounts do not match the pattern entered during a backup operation.

For example, suppose that you have two user accounts named Lee and Tim assigned to a subclient. During a backup operation on this subclient, if you enter a regular expression [A-D]*, then Lee and Tim user accounts are removed from this subclient.

What to Do Next

Run a backup operation on this subclient to back up the user accounts that match the given pattern.