V11 SP8

Hadoop Restores

You can browse and restore backed-up or archived data for a Hadoop subclient.

Restore Methods

You can restore the backed-up data by using the following methods:

  • CommCell Console

    From the CommCell Console, you can perform the following restores:

    • Direct restore
    • Browse and restore
    • Find and restore
  • Command line interface

    In the command line interface, you can specify various restore operations as either parameters on the command line or in a separate arguments file. For more information, see Command Line.

Restore Destination

You can restore the backed-up Hadoop data to the following destinations:

  • UNIX client
  • Hadoop cluster
  • Non-Hadoop cluster

When restoring to a cluster, you can choose the data access nodes where you want to run the restore operation.

Shared Job Results

All data access nodes that you include in restores must share the same Job Results directory. For information about changing the path of the Job Results directory, see Changing the Path of the Job Results Directory.

Note: All of the participating data access nodes must be at the same service pack level.

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