V11 SP8

Informix Subclients

In the CommCell Console each instance references an Informix database. 

When you create an instance, a default subclient is automatically created. The default subclient includes the entire database that is associated with the instance, including all components such as the log files and control files. You can create user-defined subclients to backup the specific components or conditions, such as the following:

  • Whether the entire database will be backed up, or only a subset of objects within the database should be backed up.
  • Whether the archive logs need to be backed up separately

If a new dbspace is added to the database, and if none of the subclients contain that database object , then that object is automatically assigned to the content of the default subclient.

If you are using the native Informix ON-Bar commands to back up and restore data, you do not need subclients.