V11 SP8

Optimizing Informix Log Backups

By default, each on-demand log backup runs a separate job for each request. Each log backup job may take 10-15 seconds (for a log size that is less than or equal to 50 MB) to complete with at least one log file. If you run  on-demand log backups every 2 minutes, use the Informix alarmprogram script to enhance performance.

By default, the time to complete each log backup, based on a 50MB log file, is 10-15 seconds.

You can use additional settings to reduce the time for each log backup, and to configure the timeout for a job that runs in performance mode. By using the additional settings, you can reduce the log backups to run in 3-4 seconds.

Note: Your performance may vary depending on your configuration.

Reducing the Time for Each Log Backup

Use the sPerformanceModeOn additional setting to perform faster log backups. When you set  to Y, the first on-demand log backup completes in a regular time period (10-15 seconds).  Subsequent log backups take less time to run because the first job remains available for the subsequent log backup requests. For example, if the regular backup job takes 12 seconds to complete, the subsequent backups of similar logs complete in 3-4 seconds. The software uses the same first job Id for the subsequent log backup requests, which reduces the time to complete your log backups.


  • To the client, add the additional setting as shown in the following table.

    For instructions on how to add additional settings from the CommCell Console, see Add or Modify an Additional Setting.

    Property Value
    Name sPerformanceModeOn
    Category InformixAgent
    Type String
    Value Y


See nPERFMODEIFXJOBCLOSEMINS to learn how to complete your log backup job launched under the performance mode.

Configuring the Timeout Interval to Complete a Job Running under the Performance Mode

By default, the on-demand log backup job running under the performance mode will complete after 6 hours. This duration can be customized using the nPERFMODEIFXJOBCLOSEMINS additional setting.

Set the value of nPERFMODEIFXJOBCLOSEMINS additional setting to a positive number indicating the timeout interval in minutes for completing the on-demand log backup job running in performance mode. The current log backup job will be marked completed after the timeout period set with this additional setting and a new job is submitted for the next log backup request. The jobs completed periodically will be eligible for auxiliary copy and other reporting operations.