V11 SP8

Getting the Jive Add-on for ObjectStore Using Workflow

To use Commvault  ObjectStore as an external file storage for Jive, you need to obtain the add-on for ObjectStore using the Get Jive Add-On workflow.

How Does it Work?

The Jive admin user enters the Web Console URL for the CommCell system where you configured the ObjectStore and initiates the workflow. The predefined workflow creates an Add-on package that contains the data required for configuring the add-on in Jive software. The package also includes files that enumerate endpoint URLs to which Jive tries to connect to when specific activities occur within Jive.

After generating the package, the workflow sends an email with the link to the package to the requested user.

Before You Begin

Before you initiate the workflow, you must configure an ObjectStore on your CommCell system.  For more information, see Configuring an ObjectStore.


You can initiate the Get Jive Add-On workflow from the Web Console using the following steps:

  1. In your Web browser, go to https://cloud.commvault.com/webconsole/applications/ .
  2. Log on to Cloud Services.
  3. Click Forms, and then click the Get Jive Add-On form.
  4. In the Service URL box, enter the complete URL of the Web Console for the CommCell system where you configured the ObjectStore, and then click OK.


The workflow sends an email to the requested user with a link to download the Jive Add-On package for ObjectStore.