V11 SP8

Installing Laptop Backup for Macintosh End Users

You can install backup software on your laptop using the installation package provided by your administrator.


  1. Access the Web Console by doing the following:
    • If you received an email from your administrator with a link to the backup software, click on the link in the email.
    • Open your web browser and type the Web Console URL provided by the administrator in the address bar.

      The URL should be in the following format: http://<HostName>:<Port>/webconsole, for example: http://client.mydomain.com/webconsole.

      • If port 80 is used, then you do not need to specify it in the URL.
      • By default, the Web Console URL uses HTTP. You can also use HTTPS if you want to use secure access. To set up secure access, see Configuring Secured Access.

  2. In the Login screen, enter your active directory login credentials and click Login to access the Web Console.

    You can request a new user account to access the Web Console. For more information about creating new user account, refer to Registering a User - Web Console.

  3. In the Web Console home page, click Download Center.
  4. Download the Commvault.dmg package.

    If you are unable to download the package, contact your System Administrator.

  5. Double click the Commvault.dmg file that you downloaded.

    The installation wizard opens.

  6. On the installation wizard, double click the Commvault icon to start the installation:
    • If the CommServe is configured to authenticate users performing installations in the CommCell, the CommServe Authentication page is displayed. Enter your active directory login credentials and then click Continue.
    • If a firewall is enabled on the Macintosh computer, you might be prompted to allow some programs (such as cvd and cvfwd) through the local firewall. To continue the installation, click Allow when prompted.
  7. Your Macintosh laptop might ask for your password to allow the software installation. Enter the password and then click Allow.

    During installation, you can use the View menu to monitor the installer log and review the services status, among other operations.

    After the installation completes, the Edge Monitor application is displayed. If Edge Monitor is not displayed, you can open it from the Applications window of your Macintosh laptop.
  8. On the Welcome page, enter your Web Console credentials in the User Name and Password boxes and click Sign In.