V11 SP8

FAQ - Notes Database iDataAgent

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Can I restore data from FAT file system to NTFS and vice-versa?

Yes, when restoring Notes data, you can restore the data to a file system type that differs from the type in which it originated.

In other words, you can restore NTFS data to a FAT file system and restore FAT file system data to NTFS.

FAT file systems do not support Discretionary Access Control Lists (DACL); therefore, any NTFS data that is restored to a FAT file system partition loses its original DACL privileges. Also, when FAT file system data is restored to NTFS, the restored data inherits the DACL of the destination directory.

Does enabling Archive logging cause the transaction logs to grow excessively?

No, enabling Archive logging should not cause the transaction logs to grow excessively because the IBM Domino automatically prunes the transaction logs.

If you allocate reasonable amount of space on your IBM Domino for transaction logs and backup the server regularly, then under normal conditions the transaction logs should not exceed the disk space allotted to them.

What happens if Archive logging mode is not used for transaction logging?

If you are not using Archive logging mode for transaction

  • The backup data size of incremental backups may reach the size of full backups.
  • Point-in-time restore is not always possible.
  • If Circular logging mode is used, then transaction log backups are not possible. Also, point-in-time restore is possible only if logs are not overwritten.

My Domino Server is running on a platform that is not supported by the Commvault software. How do I run a backup operation?

Create a replica of your Domino Server on Windows or Linux platforms. Then install the Commvault software on the replica and run a backup operation.