V11 SP8

IntelliSnap – Best Practices – MySQL iDataAgent

Table of Contents

Creating a Single Subclient

When you run a snap backup operation, the IntelliSnap takes the snapshot of the entire volume, even if other subclients are not IntelliSnap enabled. Therefore, we recommend you to create a single subclient in the volume.

Running Backup Copies Frequently

In case of a native snap engine, every time you restart your computer, you lose the snapshot of the volume from your computer. Also, too many snapshots might overload your computer. So, it is better to run a backup copy frequently so that the snapshot is copied to the storage policy copy.

MySQL Mount Point

For snap backup operation, you must have dedicated mount points on the MySQL data directory. Also, ensure that MySQL data directory is not a part of the root "/" volume. This will avoid any non-MySQL folders on the root volume from getting backed up.