V11 SP8

Normalized Mount Path in Destination Qtrees in UNIX Systems

On UNIX systems, the source volume mount path is used to derive the name of the qtree on the volume on the destination array, which will contain the replicated data of the source volume.

Commvault normalizes the source volume mount path by removing all non-alphanumeric values from the source volume mount path. For example, the mount point /a/b/c is normalized to abc.

When you add multiple paths to a subclient, make sure that the mount paths do not normalize to the same destination qtree, because no distinction is made between a normalized path of a source subclient and a similarly named destination qtree.

The format of the destination qtree name is as follows:


The following example illustrates how a subclient with multiple volume mount paths can result in the same destination qtree:

Subclient ID: 10, Client ID: 20, Storage Policy ID: 20, Agent type ID: 40

Mount Path Destination qtree
/a/b/c /vol/destination_volume/App_20_30/40/10/abc
/abc /vol/destination_volume/App_20_30/40/10/abc

If the path value is either a/b/c or /abc, data is copied to the destination qtree as /vol/destination_volume/App_20_30/40/10/abc.