V11 SP8

NFS ObjectStore Command Options

Administrators can use the NFS ObjectStore configuration command line tools to create, modify, view, and delete the ObjectStore shares for users.

The table describes the ConfigureObjectStore command options that administrators can use.

Option Description
create_nfs_object_store Create an NFS ObjectStore  for a set of users.
list_all_nfs_object_store List all the configured NFS ObjectStores.
update_nfs_object Modify the NFS ObjectStore configuration.
delete_nfs_object_store Delete the specified NFS ObjectStore.
show_nfs_object_store Display the NFS ObjectStore configuration.
create_object_store_snap Create a point-in-time NFS ObjectStore  for a set of users.
update_object_store_snap Modify the point-in-time NFS ObjectStore configuration.
delete_object_store_snap Delete the specified point-in-time NFS ObjectStore.
show_object_store_snap Display the point-in-time NFS ObjectStore configuration.