V11 SP8

Best Practices - OpenVMS File System iDataAgent

Table of Contents

ODS-5 File Structure Recommended

It is recommended that the OpenVMS systems use the ODS-5 file structure to obtain the highest degree of compatibility. For more information about ODS-5, see http://h71000.www7.hp.com/portability/ods5.html.

Eliminating Backup Failures

You can use filters to exclude items which consistently fail and that are not integral to the operation of the system or applications. Some items fail because they are locked by the operating system or application and cannot be opened at the time of the data protection operation. This often occurs with certain system-related files and database application files. Also, keep in mind that you will need to run a full backup after adding failed files to the filter in order to remove them from backups.

Reconfiguring Default Subclient Content

We recommend that you do not re-configure the content of a default subclient because this would disable its capability to serve as a catch-all entity for client data. As a result, some data will not get backed up or scanned.

Restore by Job

Avoid running restores by jobs for jobs associated with the default backup set, if you do not want to restore the  operating system files or directories. The entire content of the backed up client will be restored and the client where you are restoring might run out of space.