V11 SP8

Oracle RAC Agent SBT Parameters

The following table defines the Oracle RAC System Backup to Tape (SBT) parameters to use with the Oracle RAC.

Parameter Example Definition
CvClientName ENV=(CvClientName=lab04,CvOraSID=SID2,CvInstanceName=instance_name)"; The name of the client defined in the CommCell Console.

Use this parameter in a clustered environment and set it to the physical client name in the CommCell Console.

CvInstanceName ENV=(CvClientName=lab04,CvOraSID=SID2,CvInstanceName=instance_name)"; The name of theCommvault instance installed.

This parameter is optional.

When there are multiple software instances, the first installed instance is 'Instance001'.

CV_restCopyPrec ENV=(CV_restCopyPrec=2)”; The copy precedence for the restore job.

This parameter is optional.

-hn ENV= (CvClientName=rac2,CVOraRacDBName=racdb,CvInstanceName=Instance001,-hn=rac1.commcell.com)"; The Oracle RAC control host name for the backup or restore job.

This parameter is optional.

CvSrcClientName ENV=(CvClientName=lab04,CvInstanceName=instance_name,CvSrcClientName=lab03)"; The name of the source client defined in the CommCell, that contains the backup pieces for restores.

Use this parameter for cross-machine or duplicate restores in which you may have conflicting backup pieces between the two Oracle instances on different clients.

CVOraRacDBName ENV=(CvClientName=rac2,CVOraRacDBName=racdb,CvInstanceName=Instance001,-hn=rac1.commcell.com)"; The Oracle RAC database name for the backup or restore job.

This parameter is optional.

CVOraRacDBClientName ENV=(CvClientName=rac2,CVOraRacDBName=racdb,CvInstanceName=Instance001,-CVOraRACDBClientName=new_client)" The Oracle RAC database client name for a cross machine restore or duplicate database restore job. If you restore the database to a computer that is not part of the Oracle RAC pseudo client (cross machine restore), you need to define the environmental variable CVOraRacDBClientName to specify a client that is part of the Oracle RAC pseudo-client.