V11 SP8

PostgreSQL Subclient Properties (IntelliSnap Operations)

Use this dialog box to enable the IntelliSnap backup operation for the selected subclient. These options are available only if you select a hardware Snap Engine.


Specifies whether IntelliSnap backup for the selected subclient is enabled or disabled.

Available Snap Engines

Lists the available snapshot engine vendors. To select a snapshot engine vendor, click the pull-down arrow and click the one that you want to use.

Manage Array

Click to access the Array Management dialog box, which enables you to add or modify access information for a array.

Use Proxy

Use this list to specify the name of the proxy server that will be used for performing the IntelliSnap backup operations.

Use source if proxy is unreachable

Select to use the source machine for IntelliSnap backup if the proxy client is not available.