V11 SP8

ObjectStore for Salesforce FAQs

What Salesforce editions does the ObjectStore for Salesforce support?

The ObjectStore for Salesforce supports the following Salesforce editions:

  • Classic Developer
  • Classic Enterprise
  • Classic Group
  • Classic Performance
  • Classic Professional
  • Classic Unlimited

Are there any special permissions required for the user that is associated with the ObjectStore client?

You can associate any CommCell Console user with the ObjectStore client

What type of Salesforce user licenses are supported?

The software supports the standard user licenses: Salesforce.

What do I do when I don't see the Commvault ObjectStore on my record page?

Contact your Salesforce administrator. They can configure the page layout so that the ObjectStore Visualforce page is added to the record page layout.

After I configure the ObjectStore, can I change the details?

Yes. A system administrator user, or a user that has profile that contains the ObjectStoreAdmin permission set can change the configuration. On the Commvault ObjectStore Setup tab, click Edit.

Why am I getting the an Invalid End Point URL during ObjectStore configuration when I already added the remote settings on Salesforce?

If there is not a valid certificate provided for the secured ObjectStore endpoint URL, then the Salesforce.com site might not be able to access it. Verify that you have a valid certificate from CA.