V11 SP8

Allowing Salesforce to Access the Commvault ObjectStore

After you install the Commvault ObjectStore, you must allow Salesforce to access the ObjectStore.

Before You Begin

  1. Install the Commvault ObjectStore from the Salesforce AppExchange.
  2. The ObjectStore URL must be accessible over the internet.


  • Configure the remote settings on Salesforce so that Salesforce can access the ObjectStore.

    For information on how to configure the remote settings, go to the Salesforce website, Configuring Remote Settings.

    Use the following values:

    Salesforce Parameter Value
    Remote Site Name Commvault ObjectStore
    Remote Site URL The Commvault ObjectStore endpoint URL, for example, https://objectstore.mydomain.com
    Active Select the check box.


Salesforce can send API requests to the Commvault ObjectStore.