V11 SP8

Integrating the ObjectStore Account with Salesforce

After you install the Commvault ObjectStore, you must integrate the ObjectStore user account with Salesforce.

Before You Begin

  1. Allow Salesforce to access the Commvault ObjectStore.
  2. Get the following information from your backup administrator:
    • The ObjectStore owner
    • The ObjectStore owner password
    • The ObjectStore endpoint URL, for example, https://objectstore.mydomain.com/webconsole/RestServlet/


  1. Sign in to Salesforce with a Salesforce administrator account.
  2. Select Commvault ObjectStore Setup.

    Note: If the selection is hidden, click + tab in the upper right of the page to view all selections.

    The Commvault ObjectStore Files page appears.

  3. Provide the credentials to connect to the ObjectStore.
    • In the Username and Password boxes, type the credentials for a user who can access the ObjectStore.
    • In the Endpoint URL box, type the ObjectStore URL,for example, https://objectstore.mydomain.com/webconsole/RestServlet/.
  4. Click Save.