V11 SP8

Performing Salesforce Full Backups

Use this procedure to perform a full backup of the Salesforce data.

A full backup is the most comprehensive backup and is the baseline for incremental backups. For more information on full backups, see Full Backups.

For information on objects that the backup does not include, see Salesforce Objects That Are Not Included in Backups.

Before You Begin

  1. The Salesforce user profile for the user that performs the backup operations, must  have the API Enabled administrative permission.
  2. Plan your advanced settings. The options are described for the following advanced settings:


  1. From the CommCell Browser, expand Client Computers > client > Cloud Apps > instance.
  2. Right-click the subclient, and then click Backup.
  3. The Backup Options dialog box appears.

  4. Select the backup type and job initiation:
    1. In the Backup Type section, select Full.
    2. In the Job Initiation section, specify whether to run the backup now or if it will be scheduled.

      Note: If you selected Schedule, set up the schedule.

      For information on configuring a backup schedule, see Schedule Backups.

  5. Optional: To set advanced backup options, click Advanced.
  6. Click OK.

You can track the progress of the job from the Job Controller. When the backup has completed, the Job Controller displays Completed.

Once your backup job is complete, you can view the backup job history. For more information, see Job History.


The data is backed up.

Minor events are set in the following cases:

  • When any object fails because of a Salesforce API restriction
  • When any download of a file fails because the file does not not exist at the time of the download, or there is a Salesforce API limit.