V11 SP8

Modifying Salesforce Backup Sets to Sync to a Database

Use this procedure when you want to use the back up the Salesforce data to a database and you did not configure the instance for the option.

Before You Begin

Make sure that you have the following information:

  • The type of database
  • The client that hosts the database
  • The database name
  • The credentials for a user that has read and write permissions for the database


  1. In the CommCell Browser, expand Client Computers > client > Cloud Apps > instance.
  2. Right-click the backup_set, click Properties.

    The Salesforce Backup Set Properties dialog box is displayed.

  3. On the Backup Options tab, specify the backup location.
    1. In the Download Cache Path box, type the full path for the staging location that the Commvault uses when it backs up the data.
    2. Best Practice: To store the data in a MSSQL database, select the Sync To Database check box and then provide the following information.
      • From the Database Type list, select the database type.
      • From the Database Host list, select the client that hosts the database.
      • From the Database Name list, select the database name.
      • In the User Name and Password boxes, type the credentials for a user that has read and write permissions for the database.

        Note: The user must be a SQL authentication user.

  4. Click OK.