V11 SP8

HDBSQL Example: Performing SAP HANA Complete Data Backups on a Multitenant Tenant Database

Perform a full backup of an online SAP HANA multitenant tenant database by using the HDBSQL command line interface.

Best Practice: Use the timestamp for the backup prefix to ensure that there is a unique prefix.

Before You Begin

  1. Log onto the database with BACKUP OPERATOR privileges.
  2. The database must be online and all services must be running.


  • Create the following sample SQL Statement, substituting the parameters. Use a unique backup prefix.

hdbsql -t -U <user_store_key> “backup data for <tenanat_database_name> using backint (‘YYYY_MM_DD:HH:MM_BACKUP_FILE’)”


Perform a backup of the tenant database called "TEN1" with the following parameters:

Parameter Value
user_store_key BACKUPM
tenant_database_name TEN1
backup_prefix 2015-07-07:09:50:00_COMPLETE_DATA_BACKUP

hdbsql -t -U BACKUPM “backup data for TEN1 using backint (‘2015-07-07:09:50:00_COMPLETE_DATA_BACKUP’)”