V11 SP8

Specifying the Media Parameters for SAP HANA Command Line Operations

Command line backups use the storage policy and the data path specified in the CommCell Console SAP HANA database instance by default.

You can override the default parameters by specifying media parameters file when you use the CvOraSbtParams configuration parameter. This feature is supported for backup and restore database operations.

When you configure this option on a database, the application command line backups use the media parameter storage policy. You must associate the Data Path (MediaAgent, Library, Drive Pool) with the specified storage policy in the parameters file. For information on the supported parameters, see Supported SAP HANA Media File Parameters.


  1. Create a media parameters file with the required media parameters.

    The media parameter file format is:

    [<Parameter Name-1>]
    [<Parameter Name-2>]




  2. In the SAP HANA parameter file, set the CvOraSbtParams configuration parameter to the location of the media parameters file. You must provide the full path to the media parameters file.