V11 SP8

BR*Tools Example: Restoring from a SAP on Oracle Consistent Online Backup

When you restore from consistent online backups, you can import some of the offline redo log files of the same backup.

Before You Begin

  1. Perform a consistent online backup.
  2. Include the instance name and client name parameters in the init<SID>.utl file.


  3. Optional: To have the CommCell Console authenticate the job, configure the parameters for CommCell Console third-party job authentication.


  • On the command line, type on of the following commands.
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    Perform a full restore

    brrestore -d util_file -m full

    Perform a restore by specifying the data detail file.

    Substitute the data_detail_file variable. You must include the full path and the file name of the data detail file.

    brrestore –d util_file -m full -b <data_detail_file>

    Perform a log restore by specifying the log sequence numbers

    Substitute the start_seq and end_seq variables.

    brrestore –d util_file –a <start_seq-end_seq>

    Perform an inline log restore

    brrestore –d util_file –m archive_logs -c force -u /