V11 SP8

Running an Audit Trail Report for Case Manager

You can run an Audit Trail Report to view a list of operations that users performed in Case Manager for a specified time range. The operations that appear in the report depend on the Job Playback, or level or importance, that you select.


  1. In the CommCell Console ribbon, click Reports > Other Reports > Audit Trail.
  2. Click the Playback Level list and select the level of details you want in the report.
    Playback Level Operations Included in the Audit Trail Report
    • Creating a case
    • Closing a case
    • Deleting a case
    • All Critical information
    • Editing a case
    • All High and Critical information
    • Changing the name of a case
  3. Click Users and add the users and user groups with access to Case Manager.
  4. You can select additional options for your report. See Audit Trail Report.
  5. When finished, click Run to view the report in the selected format.