V11 SP8

FAQ - Search

Why can I search objects in Documentum that aren't mine?

Access control list (ACL) based searches are unavailable for Documentum, which enables users to view and search all the objects.

Why does a document preview contain fewer pages than the original?

The preview of the document can vary depending on the size of the HTML generated from the original document. In order to load the preview faster on various browsers, we restrict the size of the preview.

Why am I only able to see a list of file names in the preview?

When a zip file is previewed, only the contents of the zip file are shown in the preview.

Why is the Attachments column in the Compliance Search page blank?

The Attachments column will only display details for emails that were content indexed with the previous, FAST engine. For emails indexed with the new, SOLR Search Engine, attachment information appears in the preview pane when an email is selected.

In Case Manager, what does an "Incomplete" case status mean?

Cases with an Incomplete case status were created when there was no connectivity to the CommServe computer. Data included in a case is not retained. If your case does not change to Active status, contact your administrator.

In Case Manager, what happens if an asset is added or deleted for a custodian in a case?

If an asset is added or deleted for a custodian who is a part of a case, then the change will be visible after 24 hours.