V11 SP8

Compliance Officers - Settings

Table of Contents

The Menu Bar

The Compliance Search Menu Bar is located at the top of the Compliance Search page.

The Compliance Search Menu Bar displays a welcome message with the username used for logging in, as well as links to:

Link Description
Preferences Open the Preferences tab and displays currently selected options. See Setting User Preferences for additional information.
Events Display a notification area for recent application events.
Help Display a help search bar. Type keywords and click Search to display relevant links to online help.
Logout Logout from the Compliance Search page.

Setting User Preferences

You can specify the preferences for search.

  1. In the Preferences page, change the appropriate settings:
    • Search Engine - Select the Search Engine to use for searches.
    • Default Reading Pane Position - Select the layout of the reading pane.
    • Default advanced search tab to show - Select the tab to appear first when the advanced search window opens.
    • Default view for displaying search results - Select whether the default search results view contains both files and emails, only files, or only emails.
  2. To finalize your selections, click Save.

Selecting a Different Search Engine

If more than one search engine is installed, you can view search results from a particular search engine.


  • The number in parentheses next to each search engine represents the number of search result on that search engine.
  • If a previous version of search engine is selected, the view of the search results and refinements are changed to the format supported by the previous version of search engine.
  • The list of Search Engines updates every 90 minutes. You can also click the refresh button to manually update the list.
  1. Perform a basic search. For instructions, see Perform a Keyword Search.

    A list of search results appears.

  2. In the Search Engine menu, select a search engine.

    The results for the selected search engine appear in the search results window.