V11 SP8

Tagging and Tag Sets in Compliance Search

Tags are short descriptive phrases that you can add to items in a Compliance Search review set. You can use tags to label items during the review phase of electronic discovery. For example, tags can help you to identify data in a review set that might require additional actions for further processing. You can also share tags and work collaboratively with other Compliance Search users.

Changes to Tagging in Service Pack 7

The tagging feature was updated in Version 11 Service Pack 7. The updates introduced some new capabilities and changes to tagging, as follows:

  • You can now filter items in a review set based on the tags that you apply to items after updating to SP7.
  • You can refine the displayed items in a review set using search or filters and apply tags to only the items that match your search and filter criteria.
  • There is a new column in the review set, named Tag(s), that lists the tags that you apply after updating to SP7. Tags that you applied in earlier versions of Compliance Search appear in the Review Tag(s) column.

Enabling Tagging in Compliance Search

To use the tagging feature in Compliance Search, your administrator must assign you to a role with the Tag Management capability. For more information, see Roles Overview.